Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends at the nature of business. Because, what system works for an electronics store wouldn’t exactly work for a grocery store. Decide your most desired values, your budget, demand of your customers, size of your business; these are some factors that can help you give a good idea of the best way to manage your inventory.

Empowered employees, faster response times to customers’ orders, improved planning, lower costs and optimized warehouse layouts are some results you can expect while using inventory management software in your business.

We’re seasoned in the hospitality, fintech, and telecom industry, we are always looking for interesting, innovative, challenging, and game-changing projects, whatever industry they might belong to

Often, a software project requires additional services on top of the “core” one – development. We also offer design and branding services, code maintenance, and will gladly assist with growing your user base.

This question is actually very easy to answer: just use inventory tracking software. 

The Project Manager acts as the main point of contact and oversees and coordinates the project with clients. On the other hand, a Product Owner is ideal if your company needs guidance in adapting business processes for digital product creation.

ERP is a type of software application used most often by medium and larger enterprises. ERP software focuses on assimilating business processes into a single by aspects of human resources, financials, inventory management, sales and customer relationship management.

The implementation life cycle outlines the process/stages of ERP implementation from start to end. However, the ERP life cycle advances itself to continual improvement by fine-tuning the technology to serve better business processes that support specific objectives. 

Customer Satisfaction should be the main priority for any consulting firm. There should be open communication between you and the consultant to ensure that the software solution has been designed to your specific requirements and that the project is on-time and on budget. The firm you choose should measure customer satisfaction regularly.

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